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conzoom® segments consumers in each of the Nordic countries based on hard data, numbers, and statistics. With conzoom® we know a lot about groups of people, but nothing about individuals; though everyone is individually unique, there are also common traits between us as humans. Traits or tendencies that can be found and measured across the countries through data modelling, statistics, and interviews

conzoom® is used broadly in our society to the benefit of our development and common understanding of the individual’s needs and behaviour

conzoom® segments all households in the Nordics

The categorisation of the Nordic households into conzoom®types is based on hard data, numbers, and statistics, which uncover for the individuals' special traits as consumers and citizens


With national conzoom® segmentations in all four Nordic countries conzoom® is the only data-dreven segmentation tool that can be operationalised across the Nordics. The segments are based on national register data in each country counting in the differences in data accessibility, data legislation and - especially - the differences in the people of each country. Therefore the amount and nature of the segments vary across


With conzoom® you will expand your customer insights, improve your market analysis and optimise your marketing


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Enhace your customer insights and market analysis

Map out your market and customer universe with a conzoom®report and get to know your existing customers better to reach more tomorrow


conzoom®report unfolds your customer universe in text, diagrams, and on maps. We show you where your customers live, which conzoom®type makes up the majority of your customers, and their characteristics as individuals and consumers


These customer insights are valuable when you analyse and map your market potential and saturation, when you prepare your analyses before entering a new market, when you want to communicate clearly and targeted, when you want to explain the differences in market share in different areas, when you research and want to describe and document demographic differences, or, finally, when you want to optimise your service offerings to citizens, users, and customers


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With a conzoom®licence you get access to data ideal for customer and market analysis


The conzoom®licence include the Danish conzoom®segmentatation of all households into 9 conzoom®groups and 36 conzoom®types. Additionally, you get access to 11 socio-economic deciles slicing the households according to income, age etc. to offer you an overview of your customers' and your target segments' socio-economic and demographic characteristics


With the web application conzoom®select you can work with conzoom®data in multiple ways and add on the possibility of withdrawing tele data for DM and TM campaigns. All employees with your organisation can get a personal login and there is no use limit. Also there is no software to install; when you have created your user you are good to go


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Get Valuable Customer Insights with Data-Driven Segmentation

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