conzoom® is a data-driven segmentation tool; based on register data, statistics, and survey data you get a strong tool for customer and market segmentation that is easy to use and qualifies your data-driven decisions

Data-driven segmentation

conzoom® is a data-driven segmentation model segmenting consumers based on hard data, numbers, and statistics from national registers. It describes households and the people living in them as consumers and citizens. With conzoom® we know a lot about groups of people, but nothing about individuals; the segmentation model does not identify individuals, but traits or tendencies that can be found and measured across the countries through data modelling, statistics, and interviews. conzoom® is used broadly in our society to the benefit of our development and common understanding of the individual’s needs and behaviour

Nordic and thouroughly tested segmentation tool

conzoom® was first launched in 2002 and since then it has been improved and refined based on our and our customes experiences. That is why we know conzoom® works and e.g. can lift the conversion rate of you direct mail and telemarketing campaigns


With national conzoom® segmentations in all four Nordic countries conzoom® is the only data-dreven segmentation tool that can be operationalised across the Nordics. The segments are based on national register data in each country counting in the differences in data accessibility, data legislation and - especially - the differences in the people of each country. Therefore the amount and nature of the segments vary across. Read about the the national segmentations and their groups and types by choosing a country


Get to know the conzoom® segments

What our customers says

"We improved the average sales among new customers with 5% using data and conzoom®"
- Jørgen Thau, responsible for segmentation and analytical modelling on private customers in Denmark
"Understanding our segments, we are now able to make differentiated content and to choose our channels to match the target group we want to communicate with. We are also able to find twins to our existing donors in the market and implement this in our direct marketing campaigns, which is also a widely used campaign method for us"
- Sofie Redzematovic, Business Developer, The Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation

Valuable customer insights with data-driven segmentation

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