With a conzoom®license you get access to conzoom® and a number of variables to enhance your customer analysis to understand your customers and your market

Data in a conzoom®license

The data are delivered in a data dump on all unit addresses in a file format of your choice with the current data. For some projects it is valuable to be able to track changes over time. If you're interested in historical variables get in touch


The conzoom®license grants you access to the following data

11 deciles calculated on road-bite clusters

  • Age decile
  • Car decile
  • Children decile
  • Education decile
  • Home ownership decile
  • Household income decile
  • Housing type decile
  • Marital status decile
  • Occupation decile
  • Personal income decile
  • Wealth decile

The Danish conzoom®

  • 9 conzoom®groups
  • 36 conzoom®types

Get to Know the conzoom®groups and the conzoom®types

If you're not familiar with the conzoom®segments yet or you need a brush-up, go visit our presentation of all groups and types and learn about their most significant characteristics


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What to Use a conzoom®license for

  • Enrich your existing customer base with conzoom® and choose your existing customers wiser when running campaigns, because you know them – conzoom® provides you with 360 ° insights into your customers charateristics as consumers and citizens
  • Enrich your customer base and enable yourself to communicate better and more relevant to your customers based on knowledge about their external demographic profile
  • With a conzoom®license on all households you get insights into your market potential, where to make an extra effort, and which target segments to prioritise
  • Have your customers enriched with conzoom®, find their twins in the market, and optimise your communicationen and media planning for the most valuable target segments for your business



conzoom®select is Geomatic's online analytical platform, that grants you the opportunity to access and work with conzoom®data in various ways. You also have the opportunity to add on th possibility of withdrawing tele data for DM and TM campaigns.  All employees with your organisation can get a personal login and there is no use limit. Also there is no software to install; when you have created your user you are good to go

See Data on a Map

You can both visualise conzoom® and the demographic deciles on a map where data are shown on the 100x100 m-cells in the Danish Grid Layer, for your fast and easy overview of areas

Analyse Segments and Areas

Design a selection from conzoom®segments, geograpy, and the demographic deciles to get in-depth insights on the segments or areas of your interest with our demography and geography reports. You can choose to see a segments geographic saturation and have a report mapping out the demographic characteristics within more than 25 variables on a segment or area of your choice

Import and Analyse Your Own Customer Files

By uploading an address list on households who have one thing in common (e.g. buying one of your products) you get an in-depth analysis of the demographic and geographic characteristics of the group and their conzoom® distrbution. That gives you the opportunity to create valuable customer analyses that you can use to calculate the remaining potential and find their twins


conzoom® license

  • Data delivered in data dump

    With a license you get data delivered in a data dump on all households

  • Current data

    The license covers the latest data so you can be sure that your analysis is up to date

  • Right of use during the license period

    You can make as many analyses as you need during the license period

198.000 DKK/year ex VAT


A license for conzoom®select is an addition to a conzoom® license

  • Access to data online

    You get access to conzoom® data in our online analysis tool

  • Analyse areas and segments

    You can view data on maps, analyse geographical and demographic committees and own customer files

  • Possibility of purchase of lead module

    If you have a license for conzoom® and conzoom®select, you can buy our lead module, where you can draw quality-assured leads to DM and TM

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If you need to be able to embed conzoom® in another way in your existing analytical processes, let us tailor a solution to you

  • Translate own segments

    Do you have your own segments that must be translated into conzoom®? We will manage it for you, so that you get an operational segmentation

  • Segment across national borders

    Access conzoom® from multiple countries and analyse your customers across borders

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