Know Your Customers

conzoom®report unfolds your customer universe in text, diagrams, and on maps. We show you where your customers live, which conzoom®type makes up the majority of your customers, and their characteristics as individuals and consumers

Luxury or discount?

The conzoom®report is calculated based on your catchment area or your customer file and provide you with insight to drive your business. A conzoom®report answers:

  • Where do my customers live?
  • Do our products attract families with children, wealthy families, company owners or other segments?
  • Which media platform do your customers prefer?

Market and Customer Analysis with a conzoom®report

The customer insights you get from a conzoom®report is ideal when you analyse and map out yor market potential and -saturation, as a preliminary analysis to calculate the potential of a new market, to communicate on point, to explain differences in market shares across geographical areas, for research aiming at explaining and documenting demgraphic differences, or to optimise service offers for citizens, users, and customers


You get to know about your customers'

  • Geography
  • Demography
  • Socio-economy
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Lifestyle
  • Attitudes towards society, politics, and consumption
  • Media preferences

How the analysis is done

The characteristics above are calculated based on the addresses of your existing customers that we then blend with our extensive data lake and create an easy to understand PowerPoint with the results

In addition to addresses the analyses can integrate your customer data on age or children, which will further enhance its precision


The output is an easy-to-understand PowerPoint Presentation walking you through the characteristics on your customers segments

Get to know the conzoom®groups and the conzoom®types

If you're not familiar with the conzoom®segments yet or you need a brush-up, go visit our presentation of all groups and types and learn about their most significant characteristics


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