The Finnish conzoom® consists of 10 groups and a total of 31 types. Get to know them here



Above you find the percentage distribution of the 10 conzoom®groups and the 31 conzoom®types in the Finnish conzoom®. All households are segmented if they are present in national registers at the time of the calculation. The distribution changes a bit from year to year due to the common development in society, changes to the calculation of the variables on which  conzoom® is modelled, developments in clustering methods and improvements to the  conzoom®model itself


Below each segment is presented. If you work with conzoom® in the web app Geomatic Audience you have access to more detailed information on each type

The conzoom®groups

A Affluent homeowners

  • Families with children, middle-aged couples
  • Live in terraced houses or villas in nice neighbourhoods
  • Financially well-established with a high disposable income
  • Spend time on the family
  • Several hobbies; sports, traveling, and gardening
  • Enjoy film and TV
  • Browse around online for gadgets and online shopping

B Provincial comfort

  • Live in detached houses, duplexes and townhouses
  • Middle-aged, some recently retired
  • Income level at the national average
  • Live in small and medium sized cities
  • Hobbies include home improvements, handcrafts, car repairs etc.
  • Enjoy the local newspaper and watching TV
  • Online via computer

C Country life

  • Families with or without children
  • Traditional and religious
  • Generally healthy economy
  • Read the local newspaper
  • Work in nearby cities
  • Self-employed in farming or the business sector

D The silver lining

  • Families with children
  • High education and occupation level
  • High disposable income
  • Own prestigious properties in attractive city areas
  • Focus on health
  • Spend time with the family and go on small trips/travel
  • Up-to-date with a wide range of interests; follow all types of media

E Life in Suburbs

  • Live in suburban flats
  • Couples and singles
  • Low disposable income and educational levels
  • Work in the health care and service industry
  • High percentage of unemployed
  • Play the lottery
  • Watch TV

F Upscale city

  • Live in urban flats in the metropolitan cities
  • Singles in their 30’s
  • High education and occupation level
  • High disposable income
  • Enjoy gourmet food, museums, and classical concerts
  • Spend time on work, sports, traveling, family, friends
  • Read the main national newspapers and follow on online media

G Seniors

  • Retired couples and singles living in retirement or nursing homes
  • Often in smaller cities
  • Small pension and low consumption
  • Spend time on handcrafts, gardening, and other activities
  • Read the local newspaper and enjoy browsing through mail advertising
  • Watch the basic TV channels

H Youth on the move

  • Singles aged 20 to mid-30’s, without children
  • Live in flats with their partner, alone, or in shared flats
  • Graduated from vocational school or higher education
  • Little disposable income, but with a lot of future potential
  • Spend money on food, housing, and hobbies
  • Highly digital and extreme users of social media

I Big city living

  • Singles or couples
  • Live in rented or owned flats
  • Low to medium income
  • Have vocational education and a blue-collar job
  • Highly digital, and stream online tv-shows.
  • Read online newspaper

J Small city living

  • Singles or couples
  • Live in flats in small and medium sized cities
  • Low income
  • Often work in the service sector, healthcare or social service
  • Not very digital
  • Read online newspaper
  • Interested in local events and news
  • Enjoy watching TV
  • Like finding good offers while shopping, and via mail advertising

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