The Norwegian conzoom® consists of 9 groups and a total of 36 types. Get to know them here

The average Norwegian

The description of the conzoom®types is based on how each type distinct itself from the statistical average. The statistical average is sort of an average Norwegian, though not necessarily someone who actually exists. Below you find the statistical average on some variable to give you an idea of what makes the segments special

  • Unmarried couples without children
  • Middle-aged with a higher education
  • Wealth and income level around half a million
  • Good purchasing power
  • One car
  • Enjoy gardening and baking
  • Read books
  • Work our
  • Use Facebook



Above you find the percentage distribution of the 9 conzoom®groups and the 36 conzoom®types in the Norwegian conzoom®. All households are segmented if they are present in national registers at the time of the calculation. The distribution changes a bit from year to year due to the common development in society, changes to the calculation of the variables on which  conzoom® is modelled, developments in clustering methods and improvements to the  conzoom®model itself


Below each segment is presented. If you work with conzoom® in the web app Geomatic Audience you have access to more detailed information on each type

The conzoom®groups

A Affluent homeowners

  • Families with or without children
  • Live in terraced houses or villas in large cities or small provincial towns
  • Couples aged 30’s to mid-50’s
  • Several years of higher education
  • Financially well-established, high disposable income
  • Spend time with the family
  • Travel often – also in relation to their jobs
  • Enjoy film and TV - favourites are crime series and action movies

B Comfy & cosiness

  • Live in detached houses, duplexes and townhouses
  • Couples aged 30’s to mid-70’s
  • Income at the national average
  • Some live in the city, but most are residing in the outskirts of towns
  • Located all over Norway
  • Wide range of professions
  • Enjoy life’s little pleasures – turning on the TV after a long day’s work

C Country life

  • Many are involved in farm work
  • Families with or without children
  • Aged 45’s to late 70’s
  • Generally healthy economy
  • House owners, get around by car
  • Enjoy the nature and tranquil atmosphere
  • Many vote for the biggest parties, i.e. Labor (Arbeiderpartiet) and High (Høyre)

D The silver lining

  • Families with children
  • High education and occupation level
  • High disposable income
  • Own prestigious properties in attractive city areas
  • Focus on health
  • Spend time with the family and go on small trips/travels
  • Up-to-date with a wide range of interests; follow all types of media
  • Read financial newspapers

E Rural Norway

  • Live in mostly rented houses
  • Often younger than 39 and single
  • Not a lot of disposable income
  • Low educational level
  • Fond users of the Internet and technical devices
  • Bike around and use the public transportation
  • Interested in the local community and read the daily newspaper
  • Online a lot

F Upscale city

  • Live in urban flats in metropolitan cities
  • Singles in their 30’s
  • High educational and occupation level
  • High disposable income
  • Enjoy gourmet food, museums, and classical concerts
  • Are happy spending money on what they consider good quality of life

G Seniors

  • Older than 75 years
  • Pensioners and those on early retirement
  • Many types of properties, often in smaller cities
  • Average disposable income
  • Low educational level

H Youth on the move

  • Singles aged 18 to mid-30’s without kids
  • Live at dormitories or in small rented flats
  • Studying or recently graduated
  • Low disposable income, but with a lot of future potential
  • Often go out and attend concerts
  • Highly digital and extreme users of social media

I Urban diversity

  • Single with or without children
  • Renters in provincial towns
  • Low educational and occupation level
  • Low disposable income
  • High percentage of unemployed
  • Use the public transportation
  • Active users of local radio, TV, and newspapers

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